Friday, July 31, 2009

Mural exhibition in Liège.

mural exhibitionIn 1947, three young artists Louis Deltour, Edmond Dubrunfaut and Roger Somville signed the manifest giving birth to "Forces murales". Engaged artists, they aimed their art to serve the people. They find their inspiration in people’s lives, work, struggles, tragedies, victories and hope. They revived the art of tapestry and Muralism in Belgium. Collective and active, their expression was also fundamentally political. Although the adventure of the group Forces murales ended in 1959, their ideal leaves its mark on their art production long after.

Till Aug 23, 2009
Musée de l’Art wallon,
86, Féronstrée 4000 Liège - Belgique
Link : Musée d'art wallon

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