Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cool Light Graffiti

light graffiti,cool graffitiGraffiti Digital above is very cool, made of light with digital technic .The graffiti photo shaped a light in the dark, a good experimental .The light graffiti made by 4 gotten [via] .Do you like it?

Obama Graffiti On U Street NW.Washington, DC

obama graffiti,graffiti mural obamaOne more i found Obama Graffiti here and now i want to sharing to you about the Obama graffiti . The graffiti was located on U Street NW, Washington, DC between 16th & 15th Streets. On a wall, amazing graffiti i like it. How About you?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Graffiti Alphabet Free Hand Simple Green

graffiti,graffiti alphabet,graffiti alphabet traditional,graffiti alphabet free handGraffiti Alphabet Free Hand Simple Green

The graffiti alphabet is made by Wolf-lion, the graffiti made with free hand on paper.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Graffiti Alphabet On Sketch Book

graffiti alphabet
graffiti alphabet
Graffiti alphabet on sketch book is very nice for your begin to learn a graffiti. With Simple sketch but you should serious make it, will give good result . amazing graffiti.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bad Fonts brand Alphabet Soup

graffiri alphabet, graffiti mural
Bad Fonts brand Alphabet Soup is a letter on the image. the image is graffiti mural was posted on flickr by Tw Collins an artist graffiti. the fonts made with cans. The picture graffiti is amazing and creative.keep working.

Obama Graffiti Mural In Alphabet City

graffiti mural,graffiti alphabet obama
Obama graffiti mural was posted on Flickr by Urban Geographer is the nick name on the net he is an artist and a creator graffitis he try for sharing graffiti on the net.

We also know how much popular support for Obama in usa would not miss the graffiti makers are also supporting their presidential candidate in the form of graffiti which they deserve to be in the fight to win the election.Just before the election this mural was posted in New York. I'ts Amazing graffiti mural.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Graffiti Alphabet With Light

graffiti alphabet,alphabet light Graffiti alphabet in light is ceated by Eschn3am's he is an artist graffitis and photografer. The graffiti is the result of the Eschn3am experimens.He wrote alphabet graffiti using light techniques. These are some common examples of which he found of the graffiti :

First, the letters were painstakingly made by a crack of light to apply and perfect form. Second, whether from multidirectional light source or flash, painter of light illuminated and visible in every frame. I was somewhat relieved by this because what I had imagined in my head is completely different. I want to use a pure white light that I would not illuminate or whatever. I want the letters to appear floating in total darkness and perfect than arranged, I want them to have a raw feeling to them.

I think even though many techniques graffiti on the net but he has succeeded with his experiments.The graffiti alphabet made with amazing teqniques and can be inspirated anyone who want learn graffiti alphabet.

Alphabet Graffiti By Nismo

alphabet graffiti
Alphabet graffiti by Nismo. Nismo is an artist or alphabet creators that made many graffitis and sharing on the net. I think the graffiti is not bad, many various colors and made on papers.
The graffiti art and wildstyle graffiti, made freehand with white background be a your inspirations for make your self graffiti.
many graffiti on the net but this nice for your clue. how about you?