Friday, July 3, 2009

Jon One

The Magda Danysz Gallery keeps on supporting street art like it has been doing for a long time by welcoming the incredible graffiti artist Jon One, one of the first to bring graffiti to France in the 1980. Be it for his talent as a graffiti artist or an abstract painter, Jon One is undeniably praised for his work and paintings worldwide. The colors, overflowing with communicative energy, give the impression of a modern stained glass painting. Jon One starting doing graffiti on the walls and trains in the poor Harlem neighbourhoods where he grew up. “The subway’s a museum that goes back and forth through town”. He’s one of the first New-York graffiti artists in Paris ...

july 4th to 31st, 2009

Magda Danysz Gallery,

78, rue Amelot

Paris -

Link : Magda Danysz Gallery

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