Friday, December 4, 2009

Graffiti Alphabet With Light

graffiti alphabet,alphabet light Graffiti alphabet in light is ceated by Eschn3am's he is an artist graffitis and photografer. The graffiti is the result of the Eschn3am experimens.He wrote alphabet graffiti using light techniques. These are some common examples of which he found of the graffiti :

First, the letters were painstakingly made by a crack of light to apply and perfect form. Second, whether from multidirectional light source or flash, painter of light illuminated and visible in every frame. I was somewhat relieved by this because what I had imagined in my head is completely different. I want to use a pure white light that I would not illuminate or whatever. I want the letters to appear floating in total darkness and perfect than arranged, I want them to have a raw feeling to them.

I think even though many techniques graffiti on the net but he has succeeded with his experiments.The graffiti alphabet made with amazing teqniques and can be inspirated anyone who want learn graffiti alphabet.

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